Download Old Versions Of 7 Zip For Windows

Hi Jacob, Maybe you have a process that didn’t end correctly, try to kill that process, using the “dpkg” code. I am not a professional computer techie but like to take a dig at linux. I am highly impressed by your effort in here as most of the site suggest commands which do not work. […]

How Can I Get Line Count In Notepad

This method works the same in Windows 10 and Windows 11. You need to do two main things, i.e., first, remove the Notepad entirely and then install or add it again. That way, the missing Notepad will be fixed properly. If you have created your link successfully you should be taken to page.html when you […]

How To Download Movies, Music, And Software Using Torrents « Torrent

IsoHunt is among the most popular torrent websites, with millions of torrents and peers. Just like other torrent sites, it was confronted by legal battles years ago. It was ranked as the most visited torrent site in 2006. If you’re new to P2P sharing, you’re not going to be overwhelmed by too many buttons or […]

How To Change A File Icon In Windows 10 For Any File Type

Once all the selected files get scanned, the software offers a unique preview option to validate the accuracy of recovered data files with all attributes. The .zip and .rar file formats are the most widely used compression file formats for cross-platform data exchange. UnzipLite can also be used to create .zip files which is Utorrent […]